We are always at your service for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fountains, sauna-jacuzzi, every kind of pool construction, maintenance and repairing service.
- Electrical installations (pool control panels and electrical pool equipments' supplying and maintenance)
- Construction of pool installations.
- Maintenance of machine rooms' pumps and sand filters
- Pool construction, resolving of insulation and isolation problems of built pools



- Pool Construction
- Pool Maintenance and Disinfection
- Pool Chemicals
- Pool Equipments
- Water Softening Systems
- Reserve Osmosis Systems
- Sauna - Jacuzzi


Pool maintenance services carried out in two ways:
1- Including Checmical : Annual or seasonal done according to the agreement. Arkadaş Kimya fulfills the requirements of all kind of pool chemical accordance with the agreement.
2- Excluding Chemical : Annual or seasonal done according to the agreement. Daily or weekly maintenance is done by Arkadaş Kimya at the approprate times accordance with the agreement. Pool chemicals are excluded.
All kind of pool chemicals and equipments can be supplied by Arkadaş Kimya.
Arkadaş Kimya's technical service staff have an experienced who is certified as pool operator.

Daily and weekly maintenance operations should be done on a regular basis in order to keep and optimize clean, clear and hygienic condition and winter mainyenance should be performed for unused pools in winter.
Physical Processes
- Filtration - Backwash - Pool Battom Cleaning - Dilution (Addition of Fresh Water)
Chemical Disinfection Processes
- pH Adjustment - Precipitation - Disinfection - Oxidation - Algae Prevention
Daily Maintenance Operations
- Free chlorine, combined chlorine, pH value should be measured with test kit at least 1 - 2 times everyday.
- Missing in the chemicals should be added, later then pool should be measured again with test kit.
- Algae preventive should be used 1 - 2 times in a week.
- Circulation system should be operated at least 8 - 12 hours.
- Leaves, insects, and etc. should be cleaned.
Weekly Maintenance Operations
- If pool has filter, the filter baskets should be cleaned once a week, if pool has overflow, the overflow gratings should be cleaned.
- Wall and staird should be cleaned with a brush and scraped attached algae.
- Precipitant should be added during 8 - 10 hours adter the use of chlorine.
- Pumps should be added during 3 - 4 hours for circulation and homogeneous distribution.
- Pumps should be stopped and the pool water should be rested for 8 - 10 hours.
- Bottom should be cleaned with a pool vacuum cleaner.
- Backwash process should be done (filter by checking the pressure gauge) 1 - 2 times in a week.
- Clean water and algae preventive should be added to the balance tank.
- Shock - chlorination should be done if seen in case of rain or the formation of algae.
Physical Standards of Pool Maintenance
Hygiene Rules
- Shower should be taken before entering to the pool - Foot pool should be available and using - Hair bonnet should be using
Water Filtration
Water filtrarion capacity should be filtred around twenty million throught the particles.
Manometer must be for the control of backwash.
Water Measurements
Disinfectant and pH measurement should be done three times in a day, microbiological control should be done at least once a month.
Fresh Water
Fresh water should be taken minimum 30 liters for each swimmer everyday.
Water Circulation
- Carrying capacity of balance tank must be possible to collect of water.
- Pre-filter and circulation pump (adjustment of desired speed) will be capable of.
- Filtration capacity must be capable of completely filter the pool water at least 3 4 times in a day.


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